Unique patent

Unique patent

Our technology and our own development have brought about a significant world patent. ZOOMTECH is a fabric roller blind for large widths with a minimum diameter of the winding shaft.


The minimalist design is the basic advantage of fabric blinds. Even when shieldig large areas, the wound fabric is hidden in a very small space and does not obstruct the view from the window.
Extensive collection of fabrics

Extensive collection of fabrics

Our Master collection contains more than 670 types of fabrics. It is divided into 6 sections - Uni, Block, Screen, Natural, Transparent and Fushion.
Creating a comfort zone

Creating a comfort zone

Roller blinds effectively contribute to the creation of so-called comfortable healthy zones, the right place for your life.

Quality roller blinds

We believe that everyone will appreciate the high quality. We process components and substances for production exclusively using the most modern technologies. Production is automated at all stages. This increases efficiency.

Roller blinds are designed, manufactured and inspected by experienced personnel. We are further improving all systems so that further work with them is as simple as possible and brings you maximum comfort and benefit.

Roller blinds PURE

PURE is the basic and most used line of our roller blinds. It symbolizes a delicate and clean design. Four types of mechanisms in the same design make it possible to produce blinds up to a width of 340 cm and a height of 380 cm. Thanks to this large range, the system is very versatile.

The versatility of the system is increased by a series of PURE MP (blinds with mounting profile), PURE BOX 68 and PURE BOX 86 (PURE blinds with 68 mm and 86 mm box), PURE WING (PURE blind designed for mounting directly on the window sash without the use of screws .).


ZOOMTECH - roller blind for large widths. The unique patented solution compensates for the deflection of the winding tube and the deformation of the fabric. ZOOMTECH roller blinds give the blinds their original advantage - minimalism, the ability to place it in a very small space and at the same time shield a large area.

ZOOMTECH can easily cope with 5 m wide windows on a winding tube with a diameter of only 47 mm! ZOOMTECH is also compatible with the INFINITY COLLECTION design range.

More about ZOOMTECH®

Roller blind SLIM

Rroller blind system SLIM on tubes of 41 mm or 55 mm diameter. Suitable for projects with heights about the standard 380 cm. The SLIM blind can handle 400 cm height therefore there is no need for a robuster system.

The blinds are standardly equipped with an assistance spring for easy manual control or a different clutch can be chosen for a better transmission of force. Optional extended brackets can increase the distance from the wall, in case an obstacle is in the way.

Roller blind GIANT

GIANT meets all the requirements of a functional system for shielding very high windows, up to a height of 6 m. This giant is produced in four sizes with a maximum diameter of the winding tube of 115 mm. The system is designed for heavy loads. The ball bearing mechanism guarantees smooth running. The motor version is already in the basic configuration.

Underline the individual style of your interior

The design line of wooden brackets of the INFINITY collection with a modern surface treatment includes WOOD, PAINT, CHAPLIN, METALLIC and BLACKSMITH variants. Choose the best from a number of color variants.

The INFINITY series is compatible with PURE, HYBRID and ZOOMTECH systems.


Control of roller blinds

In addition to manual control, the roller blinds of the series can be motorized with electric battery or 230V motors in two basic series. HOME - economical range of engines, SOMFY - branded engines with a five-year warranty.

Roller blinds with SOMFY and HOME motors can also be controlled by a smartphone or a central home intelligent system.

Technical specifications

Maximum width: up to 5000 mm (depending on the diameter of the spool used)
Maximum height: up to 6000 mm (depending on the diameter of the spool, the fabric and the method of control used)

Collection of fabrics

Choose from our collection of fabrics, which offers the best on the current market and allows you to choose the right fabric for your project.

Technical sheets

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