Collection of fabrics for sun protection

At Bematech, we are engaged in the production of fabric blinds and other internal sun protection, for the production of which it is necessary to have a fabric in the repertoire in addition to the relevant components. Since we have been operating on the market for 25 years, we have witnessed several changes in interior design trends. As the design and appearance of households evolved, not only our products but also our collections of fabrics developed with it.
At present, you can choose from a respectable number of 650 fabrics for the production of blinds, vertical blinds or Japanese panel blinds, and from 200 soft fabrics if you are more interested in curtains or Roman blinds. If nothing from our collection would appeal to you, you can have one of the white fabrics printed with any color, pattern or even a photograph of your choice and complement your interior. We keep all fabrics in stock and are immediately available for your project.

Collection for fabric roller blinds

The core of the collection consists of fabrics of timeless colors and shades, which are regularly supplemented with fabrics following modern trends.
In order to make it easier for clients to orientate and choose from the inexhaustible number of substances we offer, we have divided them into individual catalogs according to their purpose (some substances, in addition to their visual side, also have technical properties and help prevent heat and noise). You can choose from the following groups:
  • Transparent: Fabrics that are transparent and have high light transmission give a light and delicate impression.
  • Screen: Fabrics with different light transmittance, which depends on the openness factor, excel in easy maintenance and durability.
  • Uni: Fabrics in many colors, which are not visible through, but at the same time are not completely darkening.
  • Blackout: Completely dimming fabrics, through which it is not visible, prevent the transmission of light for maximum user privacy.
  • Fabrics with different properties but imitating fabrics made of natural materials in their design.
Each group consits of 100 different fabrics sorted by color. For each substance, we state its maximum production dimensions, properties, composition, for which products it is applicable and, of course, the price. So you will immediately find out if it is acceptable for you.

Collection for draperies and Roman blinds

Everyone will surely fall in love with fine soft fabrics used for the production of first-class draperies and Roman blinds Bematech (directed by experienced seamstresses working on the most modern machines). Give in to their magic and choose the right fabric for your home. White, beige and gray shades are complemented by rich colors and trendy soft pastel accents. With 200 fabrics of various designs, translucencies and densities, it offers a shading solution for every interior. In addition to its appearance, heavy, robust fabrics also offer a reduction in heat loss and a reduction in noise coming from outside. Draw one of our curtains from a refined collection of fabrics and enjoy the undisturbed comfort of your home.


Printing offers endless possibilities how to fine-tune your project down to the last detail. Unique design, fine texture, image or favorite photo… With third-generation latex printing technology, imagination knows no bounds. Printing is possible up to a width of 3.2 m, it offers high resolution, excellent sharpness and long life of colors, it is resistant to water and abrasion, at the same time it is also environmentally friendly, harmless and without any odor. In our collection, the Fusion catalog is set aside for it, which was prepared in collaboration with designers. The content is 6 elaborate structures in 7 color variants. The prints are complemented by other catalogs in our collection, where 128 modern colors are presented with fine stripes imitating linen canvas.

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