Conference rooms

Conference rooms

Full blackout is required especially in lecture halls, auditoriums, hospitals or schools.
Shielding of smaller and large areas

Shielding of smaller and large areas

There are two basic systems to choose from. X BLOCK - for perfect dimming and PRO BLOCK for darkening smaller areas.
Top zip system

Top zip system

A professional solution is our system with Block fabric guided in the side guide profiles by means of a zipper.
Complete blackout

Complete blackout

This requirement is met by our systems and our fabrics from the BLOCK collection.

Achieve up to 100% blackout

Fully dimming systems prevent light penetration by almost 100%. Fabric blinds with boxes, guide rails and hidden mounting elements to achieve the cleanest possible appearance and maximum blackout.

In addition to light penetration, the systems also reduce the penetration of noise and heat, which makes them great helpers in reducing energy consumption. It is best used in laboratories, meeting rooms, rehearsal rooms, projection halls and home cinemas.

For shading small areas up to a width of 260 cm and a height of 260 cm. In these dimensions, the system is fully sufficient, and it is possible to use conventional polyester blackout fabrics. It was developed from the PURE 86S and 86R blind systems. To prevent release from the guide rails in the event of a larger air flow in the room, the fabric is equipped with plastic lenses at the guide point. Manual chain or motor control is available.

100% darkening of large areas up to 400 cm wide and 300 cm high. The fabric is guided in subtle profiles by means of a zipper, which prevents it from falling out and at the same time increases the black-out effect. The standard is a square box in two sizes with crank or motor control. In small dimensions, it can be operated manually with a chain.

Control of black out systems

In addition to manual control, the systems can be motorized with electric 230V motors in two basic series. HOME - economical range of engines, SOMFY - branded engines with a five-year warranty.

Fabric blinds with SOMFY and HOME motors can also be controlled by a smartphone or a central home intelligent system.

Technical specifications

Maximum width: up to 4000 mm
Maximum height: up to 3000 mm

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Technical sheets

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