Wooden blinds

Natural, luxurious, unique

Wooden blinds are manufactured from natural high-quality materials which are to make your interior warm and cosy. 

  • Natural material
  • Luxurious appearance
  • Possibility of painting in RAL and NCS colour shades 

Catalogue of fabrics and lamellas
Lamellas and fabrics

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Control of wooden blinds

Wooden blinds can be controlled manually or by a motor. For blinds of major dimensions we recommend a motorised control system.

Use of the wooden blinds

Wooden blinds are suitable for both private and commercial areas. Just for their unique appearance we recommend paying increased attention to selection of a suitable place for their installation. At the same time it is necessary to bear in mind that it is a natural material which responds to external influences - humidity, increased ambient temperature or influences of the solar radiation.

Material for production of lamellas

The lamellas are made of high-quality wood – Abachi (African willow) which guarantees high quality and long lifetime. The wooden material will provide blinds with natural as well as luxurious appearance at the same time. In collection we offer more than 100 types of lamellas, in different colours and surface finishing.

Offer of lamellas and their colour design

By choosing suitable surface finishing it is possible to maintain natural structure of wood. It is also possible to paint lamellas in different colour shades or to cover them with leather.
If you do not choose from our collection of colours, it is possible to paint in any colour shade according to the RAL or NCS colour cards. All visible components, including lamella sides, are painted.
We offer lamellas for horizontal blinds in a width of 25, 35, 50 and 70mm. The lamellas are mutually interconnected through a small ladder or a tape, which we always tune to the colour of the lamellas. The collection includes altogether 25 colour shades. 

Height of the packet when the wooden blinds are pulled up 

When the wooden blinds are pulled out, the lamellas are folded in a packet which is placed under the upper profile. The height of the packet changes according to the width of the lamellas used and the height of the blinds. 

Price list of the wooden blinds

The price of the product is always calculated individually, according to the selection of the system, exact design and components used. 

Tips, matters of interest, recommendations…

The lamellas are made of natural material. The effects of external influences, especially humidity, can be partly eliminated with special surface finishing. Wooden blinds with fire retardant finishing are often supplied at present too.

Technical specification – horizontal wooden blinds

Max. width: up to 3600mm
Max. height: up to 3500mm

Technical specification – vertical wooden blinds

Max. width: up to 3500mm
Max. height: up to 3000mm

Thanks to many years of development and our experience in the field of sun protection we are able to offer you a directly solution made to measure. In case of questions please do not hesitate and contact us.