20 Year of Specialization

When I founded the company 20 years ago, i wanted to dedicate my ideas to develop and produce selected top quality products where professionals could be proud of selling and mounting them.  

With our BEMATECH team, we are only selling B2B and support fully our distribution partners and customers, because we know that their advice, knowledge and handcraft is indivisble part of the solution end customers are looking for. We will continue investing in and focussing on our core business in order to be always the best choice for these products. 

We are really enjoying contributing to their success and to the satisfaction of everybody working with our products.


  • a dynamic and stable family company with a long term vision
  • only B2B, we don’t compete with our partners, we support them
  • 20 years of specialisation
  • very strong focus on rollo’s, roman blinds and wooden blinds
  • creative in solutions
  • we enjoy satisfaction with our product

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