Roman blind

Roman blinds not only for your living room

Roman blinds are suitable for both modern and classical interiors. They are normally used not only for shading but also as a decorative element. Attention is paid especially to selection and method of processing of the fabric. At present we have the most advanced manufacturing system in the Czech Republic from the viewpoint of technology. The seams are sewed with blind stitch underlining perfect processing of the entire product.

  • Design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Modern processing technology

Catalogue of fabrics and lamellas
Lamellas and fabrics

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Control of the of Roman blinds

Roman blinds can be controlled manually or by a motor. Manual control with the chain system can be used also for blinds of large dimensions.

Wide collection of fabrics 

The current collection of fabrics forms a wide colour range of especially plain-coloured materials. We will submit appropriate certificates upon request.
According to your requirements for the degree of shading you can choose from a wide range of materials from which we will create a transparent or conversely vision-proof blind providing complete darkening. We newly offer even fire retardant fabrics for Roman blinds. We will submit appropriate certificates upon request.

Easy maintenance of blinds

An advantage is very simple maintenance of Roman curtain blinds. The fabric is fixed to the profile with a Velcro fastener. It is therefore possible to simply remove it and wash it or replace it with a new one with a different design. We offer fabrics with a high colour and shape stability.

Description of the Roman blinds

Horizontal folding systems are typical of Roman blinds. The glass-laminate stiffeners divide the area into identical wide horizontal segments. Laminates are inserted into a small tunnel arising by sewing the fabric on the front or back sides of the blind together. In order to achieve the smallest possible distortion of the sample and fabrics with printing we recommend small tunnels from the front side.

The folded fabric remains in the upper part of the blind. In order that the Roman blind shall not limit functionality of the windows, it is necessary to have sufficient space for its installation. It is possible to influence the height of the mounting by selection of a suitable implementation method. If several blinds are placed side by side, the mounting raises an impression of a compact whole with the help of harmonisation of the laminated stiffeners.

For Roman blinds, the possibility of their lining is frequently used.

Modern production technologies

During production we use the state-of-the-art technologies which make it possible, among other things, to cut fabrics with a laser in a vertical position or (thanks to full automation) sewing of 100% straight small tunnels. We guarantee a high processing quality and functionality also for extremely large dimensions. It is possible to use Roman blinds up to a width of 4200mm and height of 5900mm.

Roman blinds for sky light windows

If prescribed technical parameters are observed, it is possible to shade also sky light windows or modify the system for an oblique design by means of a Roman blind.

Ten reasons for the use of the Bematech Roman blinds 

  1. Exact cutting of the fabric with the help of a laser if the fabric is suspended in a vertical position

  2. Professional processing, blind stitch

  3. Full automation of the sewing of small tunnels for laminated stiffeners

  4. Protection of the face side of the fabric against discolouration due to sunshine

  5. Perfectly simple method of fabric attachment to the profile with the help of a Velcro fastener and winding systems with an easy lock system 

  6. Absolute tensioning of the fabric with the help of laminated stiffeners

  7. A wide range of colours for winding cords

  8. Various colour designs of chains

  9. Transparent rings for the through-pass of cords, made of a high-quality material

  10. Easy installation

Suitable combinations with other elements

Roman blinds completed with curtains form a very interesting whole. In case of a suitable combination of samples and materials you will create an element which is to dominate in your interior.

Price list of Roman blinds

The price of the product is always calculated individually, according to the selection of the system, exact design and components used. 

Technical specification

Max. width: up to 4200mm (according to the system and method of control used)
Max. height: up to 5900mm (according to the system and method of control used)

Thanks to many years of development and our experience in the field of sun protection we are able to offer you a directly solution made to measure. In case of questions please do not hesitate and contact us.