High regulation of light penetration

Luxurious shading element which is able to combine advantages of roller blinds and venetian blinds very effectively or it can replace curtains.


  • Modern appearance
  • High regulation of light penetration

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Control of the Twintex system

It is possible to control modern blinds manually or by a motor. For increasing your comfort during the use of the blinds we recommend an extra silent motor with a remote control.

After a previous consultation it is possible to use one control element for up to three blinds simultaneously. This system is referred to coupling of blinds. Individual blinds are mutually interconnected by a connection piece. All blinds coupled are pulled up and down simultaneously. An advantage is the use of only one drive for multiple blinds and minimisation of the necessary gap between fabrics.

Description of the Twintex blinds

Thanks to the fabric type used, Twintex can help, in a large extent, to create a specific and cosy appearance of the interior. The blinds are suitable for flats as well as public premises. Roller blinds in the Twintex windows are able to fulfil ideas of even the most demanding clients. This is one of the latest trends in the interior sun protection which is often referred to as the day-and-night fabric blind systems.
Darkening and transparent stripes are alternating on the fabric. Their mutual overlapping enables high regulation of light penetration, like in the case of venetian blinds. The width of individual stripes depends on selection of the fabric. If multiple blinds are installed side by side, you can achieve a perfect appearance of the entire set with the help of stripes harmony.
During the pulling up, the fabric is wound onto a roller pipe, which makes it possible to hide the blind in a very small package. An advantage is also easy maintenance of the fabric. It is possible to remove any small mechanical impurities by using a slightly moistened piece of rag or by using a vacuum cleaner running at the lowest degree of suction. The current collection includes also a fabric with fire retardant treatment. We will submit appropriate certificates upon request.

Standard design

The Twintex window blinds are normally delivered in white or grey colours. A matter-of-course is a metallic chain which completes the overall design appearance of the product. The winding of the fabric in the upper part can be hidden in the box which can be painted in any of colour tones used in the interior.

Possibility of combining individual components

For Twintex it is possible to combine individual types and colour designs of brackets, bottom bars and chains. In a similar way as for roller blinds it is possible to fix also the Twintex interior blinds with the help of new design brackets from the Infinity series.

Installation of the Twintex blinds 

It is possible to install Twintex on both the wall and ceiling. Unlike classical roller blinds, Twintex is delivered, as a standard, together with the mounting profile, which makes the installation markedly easier.
Installation of indoor blinds is not difficult. For a guarantee of correct adjustment and trouble-free operation we, however, recommend using services of a professional installation firm which has necessary experience in this area. 

Price list of Twintex

The price of the product is always calculated individually, according to the selection of the system, exact design and components used. 

Tips, matters of interest, recommendations…

Do you like the Twintex blinds, but your windows exceed the maximum width specified for this product? We will advise you…
If you want to use the Twintex blind for shading windows of large dimensions, we recommend division of the entire area into several parts, and subsequent aesthetic connection of individual blinds in one whole by using a common box.

Technical specification

Max. width: up to 2600mm
Max. height: up to 3000mm

Thanks to many years of development and our experience in the field of sun protection we are able to offer you a made-to-measure solution. In case of questions please do not hesitate and contact us.