Blinds for sky light windows

Shading of the attic

At present, attic premises are used for living quite often, and these premises bring untraditional chamfered areas. But what about possibilities of their shading?
Possibilities of shading of oblique areas and sky light windows are limited, especially for the reason of assurance of perfect tensioning of the fabric. It is just interior blinds for the sky light windows that offer a suitable solution.

  • Elimination of heat penetration into the interior
  • High regulation of light passage into the room
  • Suitable for all types of sky light windows

Catalogue of fabrics and lamellas
Lamellas and frabrics

Control of the blinds for sky light windows

The spring-loaded blinds are controlled by pulling the fabric down. In case of installation of the blinds in places with worse accessibility we offer a telescopic control rod.

Description of the blinds for sky light windows

Blinds for sky light windows are a variation of spring-loaded blinds. For a trouble-free functionality of the blinds it is necessary to prevent the fabric from slacking and to ensure its continual winding. This is ensured by the spring inserted into the aluminium winding roller, onto which the fabric is wound. Unlike standard spring blinds, modification for sky light windows uses a spring without a locking system. Thanks to this fact, the fabric is in a permanent tension and it does not slacken even in an inclined position.

The Bematech company offers blinds for sky light windows in two production series – EXCLUSIVE series and ECONOMY series.

The EXCLUSIVE series offers a systemically professional solution. The blind consists of a box and guiding profiles made of aluminium. The profiles prevent the light from passing between the window and the fabric of the blind. If a blackout fabric is used, it is possible to achieve at least 100% darkening. During the control of the blinds it is possible to stop the fabric in any position, which provides for a high regulation of the passage of the light into the room. The system is normally delivered in silver or white colours.

The blinds of the ECONOMY series are another variant of standard spring-loaded blinds. The blind is fixed with the help of metal brackets. The fabric of the blind can be pulled down in three positions defined by attachment hooks placed on both the sides of the window. An advantage of this system is especially its simplicity.

Selection of a suitable fabric

The current collection of fabrics forms a wide colour of especially plain-coloured materials. For indoor blinds into sky light windows it is possible to choose fabrics with various levels of shading – from semi-transparent fabrics to fully darkening fabrics. The collection currently includes also the fabrics attenuating any undesirable noise from the surroundings, fire retardant fabrics or fabrics with Teflon intended for humid environment. We will submit appropriate certificates upon request.

Easy maintenance of the blinds

It is possible to remove any small mechanical impurities by using a slightly moistened piece of rag or by using a vacuum cleaner running at the lowest degree of suction.

Price list of the blinds for sky light windows

Blinds for sky light windows are affordable for everyone. The price of the product is always calculated individually, according to the selection of the system, exact design and components used. 

Technical specification

Maximum width: up to 1200mm
Maximum height: up to 1400mm
Thanks to many years of development and our experience in the field of sun protection we are able to offer you a made-to-measure-solution. In case of questions please do not hesitate and contact us.