Roller blinds

Roller blinds for your windows

This is a highly functional, simple shading element, well-proven through the years of operation. Thanks to the wide collection of fabrics it is suitable for all styles of living. The possibilities of use of roller blinds in windows are almost unlimited. It is possible to ask for blinds into sky light windows, blinds for balconies or for the shading of perpendicular areas. Standard roller blinds are intended for interiors, the customers use these blinds most often for bedrooms or living rooms.

These blinds fulfil expectations even of the most demanding customers.

  • Functionality
  • Simplicity
  • Design

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Control of the roller blinds

Roller blinds can be controlled by a chain, spring and crank or in a motorised way.
Motorisation is used especially to increase comfort of control or for the blinds of large dimensions. Selection of a suitable type of the motor will enable its application within the framework of the intelligent control system in the building. For the electric control it is furthermore possible to complete the system also with a sunshine automatic system which issues, according to the intensity of the factor monitored, the instruction for pulling the blinds up or down.
Besides standard variants of control systems, we offer also the coupling of blinds. This system makes it possible to control up to three blinds with one drive. Individual blinds are mutually interconnected by a connection piece. All blinds coupled are pulled up and down simultaneously. An advantage is the use of only one drive for multiple blinds and minimisation of the necessary gap between fabrics.
We newly offer a coupling of blinds under angles 0-45°and 0-90°.


Selection of a suitable fabric

The current collection of fabrics forms a wide colour range of especially plain-coloured materials. Individual appearance of your home can be highlighted by means of an original printing on the blinds. The collection currently includes also the fabrics which attenuate undesirable noise from the surroundings. A separate group is formed of the so-called screen fabrics which prevent sunrays from penetrating into the interior without losing contacts with the outdoor environment. The present collection includes also fire retardant fabrics or fabrics with Teflon intended for humid environment. We will submit appropriate certificates upon request.
By a suitable selection of the fabric you can influence the rate of shading/darkening of the entire system.
An advantage is also easy maintenance of the fabric. It is possible to remove any small mechanical impurities by using a slightly moistened piece of rag or by using a vacuum cleaner running at the lowest degree of suction.

Possibility of combination of individual components

All interior blinds are made at our company exactly to specified dimensions, according to the customer’s requirements. You can choose from a wide range of brackets, boxes, chains or bottom bars. We will be glad to send you a complete offer at your request. Some elements are especially of a design type, the other ones are essential for the right function of the product.

An important step is e.g. a suitable selection of the bottom bar. The placement of the bar into a small tunnel offers a simple, undistorted termination of the fabric in the bottom part of the window blinds. Face bars are rather heavy in most cases, and besides the design function they ensure also a sufficient load of the fabric. Face bars are used more often for indoor blinds of large dimensions. The bottom bars are made of a PVC profile or aluminium. Even this element can be adapted by painting, in terms of colours, to the customer’s wish.
Modern roller blinds can also be completed with side guiding. With regard to the size of the blinds and method of control we offer guiding with a thickness of 1mm or 4mm.

Fixation of roller blinds

The blinds can be fixed with the help of brackets, a mounting profile and a box. We offer all these elements in standard colour designs or it is possible to use an option of painting them in RAL colour shades.

The mountingy profile will make the installation of the blind very easy. The installation is made possible by special clips which can be shifted in an arbitrary way. We recommend this method especially in case of a soft subbase or if there are any distribution systems of electricity or water in the place of installation.

When pulled up, the entire blind is hidden in a very small package which can be placed above the windows, recessed with reverse bracket or directly onto the window vent.
The installation of the blinds is not complicated. For a guarantee of correct adjustment and trouble-free operation we, however, recommend using services of a professional installation firm which has necessary experience in this area.  

Suitable combinations of blinds with other elements

In the interior, roller blinds are often combined with curtains for plastic windows. It is also possible to find combinations of two roller blinds in tandem, when one of the blinds performs a shading function and the other one ensures a darkening function.

Price list of roller blinds

Roller blinds are affordable for everyone. The price of the product is always calculated individually, according to the selection of the system, exact design and components used. 

Tips, matters of interest, recommendations…

Do you want blinds with a perfect design? Choose our brackets from the Infinity design series. Roller blinds are used most often especially due to their functionality and simplicity. Thanks to the Infinity design series, even a fabric blind can draw your guests’ attention and become a visible element of your interior.

Technical specification

Maximum width: up to 5000mm (according to the winding roller diameter used)
Maximum height: up to 6000mm (according to the winding roller diameter used, fabric and control method)
Thanks to many years of development and our experience in the field of sun protection we are able to offer you a directly solution made to measure. In case of questions please do not hesitate and contact us.