Panel tracks

Panel tracks

Vertical interior shading is intended especially for large areas. Among advantages of panel tracks it is possible to mention especially the high variability. Panel tracks are ideal for shading of large areas or division of areas. Their use is almost unlimited. We can use them not only as a shading element, but also for example instead of the door to built-in wardrobes or to cover recesses.

  • High variability
  • Shading of large areas
  • Division of areas 

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Control of the panel tracks

Panel tracks can be controlled manually or by a motor. Suitable method of control must be selected with regard to dimensions of the product and method of interconnection of individual panels.


Panel tracks

Panel tracks consist of an aluminium profile and actual shading material. Our offer includes two-way up to five-way profiles. The number of ways corresponds to the number of panels. The total number of panels can be increased by combination of two profiles. The actual panels are fixed to the travellers with the help of a Velcro fastener or face bar. This facilitates their easy exchange without necessity of modification of the upper carrier.

Fabric suitable for panel tracks

Panels can be made from both blind and curtain fabrics. For demanding clients who would like to adapt the shading element to the existing accessories in the interior we can make panels from the fabric delivered by the customer or ensure printing of panels by using the sample proposed. The number, width, arrangement and method of folding of the panels are determined by the customer while observing the manufacturing principles specified. 

Individual types of panel designs 

Our offer currently includes several types of design. The basic design includes the upper attachment and bottom bar inserted in the tunnel. If the panel is made from a blind fabric, it can be completed with glued design bars. The necessary tensioning of panels from the curtain fabrics will be ensured by laminated stiffeners.

Maintenance of panels

This always depends on the type of the material used. It is possible to remove any small mechanical impurities by using a slightly moistened piece of rag or by using a vacuum cleaner running at the lowest degree of suction. Curtain fabrics can be washed.

Price list of panel tracks

The price of the product is always calculated individually, according to the selection of the system, exact design and components used. 

Tips, matters of interest, recommendations

For a panel tracks it is possible to arbitrarily combine fabrics on individual panels. A frequent variant is also a design when the upper profile is longer than the total width of the shaded area. This makes it possible to park fabric panels out of the shaded area and thus it does not lead to the narrowing thereof.

Technical specification

Max. width: 5700mm (according to the system used - for motorised control up to 24000mm)
Max. height: 3000mm

Thanks to many years of development and our experience in the field of sun protection we are able to offer you a made-to-measure-solution. In case of questions please do not hesitate and contact us.