Luxurious curtains for a perfect appearance of your windows

Tradition, functionality, elegance – typical attributes for one of the oldest elements in the sun protection. Curtains are still the most frequently used shading element. They have become an integral part of commercial premises as well as of our homes. There may be several reasons for their use in the interior – shading, decoration, and noise attenuation, division of the area or partial thermal insulation.

  • Tradition
  • Functionality
  • Elegance

Catalogue of fabrics and lamellas
Lamellas and fabrics

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Control of curtains

Our offer includes rails for manual control, by pulling the curtain or by a cord, also for control by a motor.

Basic terminology

In practice it is possible to meet two terms – curtains and drapes for windows. Even though both the terms mean the same for the general public, in the professional terminology each of these expressions describe a slightly different product.
Curtain is a fabric fixed to a bearing structure and its main function is elimination of undesirable views from outside into the room. It is basically transparent or semi-transparent.
The main function of a drape is, unlike a curtain, elimination of penetration of light from or in the building. Recently, however, people have been speaking rather generally about decoration drapes for windows, which are made from fabrics in various weaving densities.

Wide collection of fabrics 

The current collection of fabrics forms a wide colour range of especially plain-coloured materials. We will submit appropriate certificates upon request.

Drapes from the customer’s fabric

If you are working with one material during decoration of your interior and if you are considering possible variants of its use, we will be glad to advise you. We offer sewing of curtains from the customer’s own fabric to our customers. We always recommend assessment of the fabric in advance. Thanks to such a solution, finished drapes on windows will always look beautiful.

Modern curtain processing technology 

During production we use the state-of-the-art technologies which make it possible, among other things, to cut fabrics with a laser in a vertical position. The seams are sewed with blind stitch underlining perfect processing of the entire product. At present we have the most advanced manufacturing system in the Czech Republic from the viewpoint of technology. 

Design versions

It is possible to choose from nine types of folding. The wide offer of designs enables the processing of curtains exactly according to your ideas and requests. For curtains, the possibility of their lining is frequently used.

Rails and profiles

Curtains are fixed to the profile with the help of travellers. During selection of the profile it is necessary to build upon the required method of control, overall dimensions of the curtain and specific weight of the fabric. Our offer includes rails for manual control, by pulling the curtain or with the help of a cord, as well as for motorised control. A large advantage of the curtain profiles is a possibility of exact adapting even to non-standard shapes of windows.

Suitable combination with other elements

Modern curtains are often completed with Roman or Roller blinds. Through the right combination with other products and selection of suitable materials you can achieve required functionality and cosy atmosphere.

Price list of curtains

The price of the product is always calculated individually, according to the selection of the system, exact design and components used.  

Tips, matters of interest, recommendations…

Curtains may work also as a traditional element in an untraditional design. A special variant is represented by two-side curtains by which it is possible to elegantly divide both residential and commercial premises.

Technical specification

Max. width: up to 7000mm
Max. height: up to 2600mm (According to the selected type of material)

Thanks to many years of development and our experience in the field of sun protection we are able to offer you a made-to-measure-solution. In case of questions please do not hesitate and contact us.